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Reduce your electricity bills with Modern Automation lighting systems! We can program your system to run automatically based on your daily routine, and you can also control all lights throughout your home with a phone/tablet.

Lighting Automation

Looking for high quality home security cameras? Not only can we install CCTV systems, but we give home owners the option to receive notification, pictures and live camera footage of your house from anywhere in the world. Whether you're out at an event or travelling abroad, keep an eye on your camera surveillance with Modern Automation!

Home Surveillance

Let the glorious sun in and keep snooping eyes out with our automatic blinds! Not only can you control your motorised blinds and motorised curtains with a remote, but we can program your blinds to open and close based on the time of the day, the weather outside, and whether you are away from home.

Blinds & Curtains Automation

Home Theatre Systems

Being able to control your TV/Projector and Home Theatre system via a single remote is convenient, but we add more to that by setting scenes where in if you watch a movie, your blinds/curtains will close, lights will slowly dim, projector and Home Theatre system will switch to the right mode for movie playback

Alarms & Security Systems

Home security systems have never been more secure! Modern Automation can program your security system so that you can remotely monitor it, have notification updates sent to your phone, alert your family and the neighbours about any suspicious activity and automatically click photos from your surveillance camera and e-mail them to you for evidence.

Door Access Control

Have your hands full with groceries? Let your doors unlock for you when you arrive home. Need to unlock the house for tradesmen, babysitters or the postman? Unlock your home remotely and save time running around! You can also get notifications for when the kids get home from school.

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