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Ideal for 3-Bedrooms or less

*  Complete control of your lights using your mobile device/tablet from anywhere in the world


*  Schedule lights to turn On/Off at particular times of the Day/Night or randomly to create a lived in feeling


*  All lights in the house would turn off when you go to bed or go out


*  Create the right ambiance for a movie by turning off all lights in the house and diming the home theatre room lights with a touch of a button


*  Create your own scenarios to perform a series of events with a flick of a single button and lots more features included


Ideal for 4-Bedrooms or more

*  Everything included in the Silver Package plus


*  Complete control of your blinds/curtains using your mobile device /tablet


*  Schedule your blinds to open automatically in the morning and close when you go to work


*  Control your HVAC (Heating/Cooling) remotely


*  Monitor home cameras using your mobile device/tablet from anywhere in the world


*  Get push notifications/emails on your mobile if the sensors have been triggered or motion has been detected


*  Converse with your visitors at the door using your mobile device/tablet


*  Lock/Unlock your doors using your mobile device/tablet

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