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There are lots of DIY home automation systems in the market, can I install them myself? Why should I go for professional installation?

Yes, we agree there are plenty of interesting DIY Home Automation products in the market, however you need to be aware that any home automation system not installed by certified professionals may not be covered under your home insurance. It is better to get the professionals in as we know what we are doing and we can recommend the best products to suit your needs. We have done all the testing and would recommend & install products only when we are confident with the products. So you as a customer can relax and enjoy your smart home.


Can I install the Modern Automation system in my existing home, or does it have to be installed at the time of construction ?

Yes, the beauty of our system is that it can be installed in any new or old buildings, homes, apartments and offices without having to smart wire your entire house.


Can I get a custom package designed for me or do I have to choose one of your standard packages ?

We specialise in complete home automation solutions, and we believe that every person in this world has different requirements and preferences. This is where we differ from others as we spend a lot of time with our clients in the planning phase, making sure that every requirement of our client is met to their satisfaction and a tailored package is then designed to complement the users specific requirements. However if you dont wish to go through the whole process, we have some standard packages from which you can choose that would most suit your requirements.


Can I upgrade the system in the future if I wish to add more automation systems ?

The best part of Modern Automation system is that it can be upgraded at any point in time. So you could start of with a small system to get a feel of it such as full control of the lighting at your place, and then add more systems like blinds and curtain autoamtion, surveillance cameras, security alarms, thermostats etc. 


Is there a limit to the number of rooms that can be automated ?

Not really. The bigger the house, the better as you would have complete control of your house from pretty much anywhere in the world. We are happy to automate houses of any size.


Do I need a separate server room to accomodate the hardware for the Modern Automation system ?

Smart wiring and seperate room for big servers are things of the past. Modern Automation makes use of systems that are amongst the best in the market. The hardware is very compact and can be placed in any location next to your modem/router or computer. 


Will I receive an operations manual to control all my automation devices ?

We will provide a complete walkthough of how the whole system works and how to operate the system. We believe that our Modern Automation system is so simple to use, that you wouldnt need a manual to operate. However we do provide full technical support if at all you have issues while operating the Automation system. We will also organise for follow up visits as we understand that you may have questions arising after using the system for a couple of weeks or you would like things to work differently as compared to the initial setup.

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