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How is Modern Automation different from others in the market ?

Other Home Automation Systems

Follow these 10 EASY STEPS
Step 1. Call us to book an appointment with a consultant.
Step 2. Rough ideas sketch on early draft plans.
Step 3. Pre-construction cabling finalisation and scope of works on final plans.
Step 4. Pre-lay conduits before concrete slab pour.
Step 5. Cable pre-wire during construction after roof timbers installed.
Step 6. Cable fit-off during construction after lock-up.
Step 7. Call your local service provider to arrange Phone, Internet & Pay TV connection.
Step 8. Revise system hardware incorporating new models and technology advancements.
Step 9. Installation of system hardware for total system operation.
Step 10. In-home client handover and operational training complete with owners manuals.

If that was easy..then try us..

​Modern Automation Systems
Step 1. Call Modern Automation to organize for a demo in our display home.
Step 2. If you like the concept, we would like to visit your beautiful home to analyze    

             your requirements and provide a detailed quote.
Step 3. If you are happy with what we have to offer, just sign the documents and we     

             will look after the rest.

Step 4. We will install the complete home automation system and provide an in-home  

             handover and operational training.

Step 5. Relax and enjoy the benefits of a Smart Home. We believe that our system is

             so simple to operate that a manual will not be necessary.

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